Spring Time in Europe with Travel and Tour Hunters

Tour escorted by Jane and Mia Ryan


Day 1:  
Today we spent a busy morning exploring the wonderful sites of Singapore. We then had a relaxing afternoon to rest up before heading to the Gardens By The Bay. What a spectacle! Everyone had a great night and I’m sure we will all sleep well tonight!


Day 2:
Today was our “rest day” to prepare for our 13 hour flight tonight at 12am. When you see our pictures you will understand that test was the opposite of the day we had! We begin by visiting the river Safari which allowed us to explore the rivers and animals of the world and got to see the giant pandas, manateea and a pigmy hedgehog. We then travelled to grab a bite to eat and enjoyed a birds eye view on the cable car. Today was 32℃ with 90% humidity and when we land in Amsterdam it will be 7℃.


Day 3: 
After a 13 hour flight from Singapore which left at 12 midnight, we then arrived in Amsterdam at 7am. Checked into our hotel, showered and headed out for a day of exploring. It’s a beautiful spring day in Amsterdam, the sun is shining and there are people everywhere. Walked through so many puffs of pot smoke that I need to have a kip before dinner. Looking forward to a traditional Dutch dinner tonight with the gang.


Day 4: 
Holland has delivered another spectacular spring day! The sun is shining and Keukenhof Gardens was a wonderful way to start an amazing day. Today is remeberance day and the king of the Netherlands will be addressing the people at 8pm in Dam square so there are people EVERYWHERE. We just enjoyed happy hour on the rooftop of our hotel with a few of the golden girls on our trip and an early night is in order before embarking on our river cruise and Anne Franks house tomorrow. I don’t think we have ever walked this much we are averaging around 10km a day! Not including the time it takes to get back to hotel when we get lost.


Day 5:
Another great day in Amsterdam, started the morning with a visit to Anne Frank Huis, I am so inspired by our whole group who are determined not to miss a moment and were not phased by the steep stairs and just soldiered on. We checked into our boat but didn’t want to waste a minute so jumped back on the bus to explore Volendam and visited a Gouda cheese factory and saw the lovely old windmills. Feels like we haven’t left a stone unturned in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


Day 6:
Fair well Amsterdam! This morning we enjoyed a canal cruise before settling into the boat and heading south to Germany, thank you Netherlands we had a wonderful time.
We had the most amazing dinner tonight at the captains Gala, a five course luxury where every bite just got better and better as we sailed past people basking in the sun along the shores and wild horses (ponies) eating grass beside the river what an amazing trip this is. Germany here we come


Day 7:
Welcome to Germany! 29°c not a cloud in the sky and have just come back to the boat after a terrific walking tour of Cologne and a visit to the impressive cathedral of St. Peter, the biggest gothic cathedral in the world and the supposed resting place of the bones of the three wise men. Our guide was very quick to tell us that they weren’t German though The legal drinking age is 16 so Mia and I sat in a Bier Haus and had a beer and a German sausage together walked our legs off again but it’s a perfect balance... walking = appetite so happy


Day 8: 
A history lesson like never before! We had the best guide today who gave us a timeline of the area from 300BC until today. We travelled an hour into the Moselle Valley and into a stunning village called Cochem which houses a magnificent castle overlooking the town and steep vineyards. We then ate a sausage on beautiful crunchy bread roll with mustard and a strawberry cream puff which was to die for it is a must have when in Germany! We are now cruising past castle after castle as we head down the Rhine.


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