Travel Club Membership

At Travel & Tour Hunters, your loyalty goes a long way. So when you choose to travel with us, not only do you get to experience a world of wonder that will furnish you with memories for a lifetime, you also collect privileges that will help you enjoy the experience even more.  Membership is complimentary. 



Loyalty discounts

You will love our small group tours and we would love to see you again! On top of any other applicable discounts, you will receive $100 towards your next trip!


First Dibs

No one likes missing out on the dates they want to travel on, so you will be given a first look at our tours before they are advertised to the rest of the public! Because our tours are all exclusive and limited numbers, this is a great advantage!


Latest News

Insiders will receive the very latest news and information from us and will be in the know of all things travel related including upcoming events!