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Our People



Jane Ryan


Jane Ryan has been a travel agent for 22 years in Australia and for 3 years before that in South Africa and the UK. Years of travelling and working in the industry make the best travel agents.  Jane has owned her own business since 1997 and has a large client base of wonderful people who also recommend Travel and Tour Hunters to their friends.


Whilst Jane has always been a "traveller", rather than a tourist, it has given her an excellent base to be able to have first-hand knowledge of the many countries that she has visited.


There is a difference between a tourist and a traveller. Many agents have only travelled with an "educational group" and only stayed in 5 star accommodations. Jane has lived and worked in the UK, Israel and South Africa. This knowledge is an essential tool to recommend travel itineraries for all travel standards, i.e. budget backpacking to 5 star luxuries.






Taylor Murray


After Travelling extensively throughout her years working in customer service, Taylor started working in the travel industry. Taylor loves being able to help her clients create their dream holidays! Some of her travel highlights include snorkelling with turtles on the north shore of Oahu - Hawaii, running into Lions in Okavango Delta of Botswana and snowboarding fresh snow on the slopes of Queenstown, New Zealand. Taylor loves adventure and immersing herself into the culture of her surroundings, and more importantly loves to give her clients these amazing experiences.


Taylor’s travel includes: Hawaii (Oahu & Kauai) Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Japan, London, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Canada and Singapore as well as travelling all over Australia.






Lisa Conroy

The Mobile Travel Specialist

Travel and Tour Hunters has been fortunate to call Lisa one of our own for the past 6 years.


With over 20 years experience in Retail and Wholesale Travel Lisa's passion for the industry stems from her extensive worldly adventures. Clients are left assured, confident and excited through her enthusiasm and depth of her knowledge.


Whether relaxation, fun, education or adventure is on the agenda, Lisa will assist in organising your perfect trip.


Lisa has travelled the world with her 2 young children and can provide valuable information and insight for those travelling with their families. From accommodation suggestions to tours and general advice!


Ease, affordability and stress-free!




Sally Schmakeit

Has been working in the Travel Industry for six years now, a relatively short time but has been fortunate enough to travel extensively around Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Borneo, China and Vanuatu.  She loves experiencing new places, their people and their cultures!!







Our Tour Leaders




Barbara & Trevor Varley

Travel is an addiction. Like being addicted to chocolate, after the first taste there is no turning back! This is the way travel has affected both Barbara and Trevor. Since their first overseas trip to Singapore in 1982 they have been lucky enough to continue to travel the world. They now use their unparalleled experience to escort group tours exclusively for Travel & Tour Hunters, in Maitland, NSW.


Barbara and Trevor has taken over 50 tours from China to Scandinavia to The United States of America, and endeavour to make all those travelling with them feel at ease.





Bob and Pauline Dunn

Bob and Pauline are experienced garden tour guides who focus on making sure everyone gets the most out of each trip. Their tours are always happy and very informative. They have over 40 years of experience as horticulturalists as well as having worked in agriculture, allowing them to offer great insight, so that everybody can get the most out of their trip!



Mia Ryan

Mia is our newest and youngest tour leader who has never known how not to travel! Being Jane’s  daughter, Mia has been fortunate enough to have been to over 25 countries (some more then a few times). She has also accompanied Jane on a number of tours over the years and has formed great friendships along the way and is now starting to take tours on her own. Mia is an avid adventurer and always makes the most of every country!